Taiwan CNC Milling Machine

X4 Pro tapping cnc milling machine is the most advanced human-machine communication interface, display the information from time to time by MPG handwheel convenient electronic control of each axis of movement. Milling CNC machine tools based entirely on the design and manufacture, reflects the structural integrity of facilitate future design ideas. a collection of double-nut ball screw, bearings and couplings with high precision positioning, while adding an automatic oil lubrication system, to protect your machine precision, extended service life.device closed sheet-metal body design is modular , compact, easy to move. to ensure that the use of the environment clean. X4 Pro used 3-axis servo motor system. feed rate of up to 166mm / s, using 7.0Nm motor with frequency inverter to achieve the efficient operation of the machine, NT30 spindle 5000 rpm, rigid tapping to 2000 rpm, the structure can be used with pneumatic tool change. is the market's most cost-effective servo CNC milling and tapping machine.
-Embedded platform based on advanced control system, high reliability
-Support U disk, USB, MPG, resume processing function of the breakpoint memory
-7.5Inch high-resolution true color display, the appearance of a graphical interface, easy operation
-Optional siemens 808D or syntec 3B cnc controller
-The table size -550 x 160mm
-7.0Nm AC variable frequency motor drive with Delta VFD
-Rigid tapping speed of up to 2000 rpm, M2 thread
-5000 Switch to precision high-speed spindle, NSK spindle bearings
-High-speed high torque servo motor
-NT30 spindle metric or imperial size R8
-220V single-phase AC power supply
-Pre-installed high-speed cooling fan 1 x 120mm -Selection of high-quality casting materials, compact
-Safety electrical components of high quality and fast plug
-Imported from Taiwan OEM PMI double nut ball screw Intime
-Automatic lubrication system pre-installed to protect the rail life
-Fully enclosed sheet metal systems
-Pre-installed fourth axis fast interface
-Pre-loaded hand wheel controller MPG
-CE and CCC safety certification
Dimensions (L x W x H) - 1250mm x 1450mm x 1950mm
Package dimensions (L x W x H)- 1350mm x 1500mm x 2000mm
Weight - 500 ~ 550kg
Table size - 550mm x 160mm
T-slot size - 12mm
Working travel- X-axis: 280mm
- Y-axis: 160mm
- Z axis: 270mm
Spindle Speed - 200 ~ 5000rpm/min
Spindle taper- NT30/R8
Spindle Power - 1.1kw
Positioning accuracy - ≤ 0.015mm
Clamping tool diameter can be- 4 ~ 16mm
Input voltage - 220v single phase AC
Feed rate - X / Y axis: 10000mm/Min
- Z-axis: 10000mm/Min
Motor torque- X-axis servo motor: 3.2Nm
- Y-axis servo motor: 3.2Nm
- Z axis servo motor: 3.2Nm
Ball Screw - PMI double nut ball screw
Output port- USB, RS232 Interface: data transfer
- Standard 15-pin parallel port: MPG handwheel connection
Taiwan CNC Milling Machine
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